Pre-World War Two

15th Field Artillery Regiment

Post-World War One / Pre-World War Two
Following a short tour of duty as Occupational Troops on the Rhine River in Germany after WW-I, the 2nd Infantry Division (ID) returned to the United States in August 1919. The Division was then stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Texas and then Camp Travis, Texas, where it remained in garrison for 23 years.

In 1940, the 2nd ID became the first "Triangular Division" with the 9th, 23rd, and 38th Infantry Regiments. Subsequently, the 15th Field Artillery (FA) Regiment was reorganized and divided as the 37th FA Battalion (Bn), the 38th FA Bn, and the 15th FA Bn. With the 12th FA Bn, these four Battalions formed the 2nd ID Artillery.

In November 1942, the 2nd ID moved to Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, and trained in a series of Cold Weather Maneuvers, and deployed overseas to Ireland in October of 1943. After extensive training, the 2nd ID hit the beach at Normandy on 7 June 1944. The 15th FA Bn became the first Artillery Unit of the 2nd ID to fire its guns at the Germans on 9 June 1944. And the rest, as they say, is History!

Written by: Dan Gillotti, 15th FA Historian


HQ and HQ Battery - 15th Artillery - 1936

Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
15th Field Artillery - 1936
Credit: Hank Saye


LTC Heard on his horse "Hiram"

Pictured on his horse "Hiram" is LTC Falkner Heard, Bn CO, 2nd Bn, 15th Field Artillery, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas, 1937. LTC Heard also served  with the 15th FA Regiment during WW-I, and was awarded the Silver Star Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Purple Heart, the Victory Medal with 5 Campaign Stars, and the French Croix De Guerre. This picture was provided by Mrs. Falkner Heard II.


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CPL Hank Saye

15th F.A. Barracks at Fort Sam Houston, Texas

CPL Hank Saye
Credit: Hank Saye


15th F.A. Barracks
Ft. Sam Houston, Texas
Credit: Hank Saye


15th FA Bn Radio Section in training at Camp Bullis, Texas

"D" Battery having lunch on the way to Camp Bullis

15th FA Bn Radio
Section in training
Camp Bullis, Texas
Credit: Hank Saye


"D" Battery having lunch
on the way to Camp
Bullis for summer training
Credit: Hank Saye


HQ Battery chow time on the hike to Ft. Clark - April 9, 1936

"D" Battery chow time at Corpus Christi Texas - July 1935

HQ Btry chow time
on the hike to
Ft. Clark April 9, 1936
Credit: Hank Saye


"D" Btry chow time
Corpus Christi, Texas
July 1935
Credit: Hank Saye


VERDUN - Circa 1930

15th FAR Formation

VERDUN  (story below)
Ft. Sam Houston - 1930's
Credit: John G. (Gerry)
Maxwell, SGM, USA, Ret


Ft. Sam Houston
Credit: Chris Calise


By: Hank Saye

"I was a raw recruit in the 15th Field Artillery, beginning May 1935, and served nearly 5 years in the 15th.  I saw it converted from being a horse drawn, to being motorized. I was one of the old soldiers standing on the curb, crying when our horses were being taken to the railroad, for movement to the remount station in Oklahoma, at the time the 15th was being motorized, in the fall of 1935, at Fort Sam Houston.

Verdun was not in that group. He was kept at Fort Sam Houston until he died. A special military ceremony was held for him. At one time I had a photo of Verdun standing in his new blanket, the old 15th members purchased for him.

It had been ordered, after a special collection of money from the 15th members to purchase it. He seemed to be aware that he was being honored. I doubt if there are any old timers, still living, who knew and remember that mule."



Christopher Calise, 15th FAR

Battery E wooden barracks at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas

PVT Chris Calise of Virginia
At age 94, the oldest former
member of the 15th


Ft. Sam Houston
Battery E - 1929
Credit: Chris Calise






Scroll of Honor


WW2 Home

"We sleep safely in our beds because rough men
stand ready in the night to visit violence
on those who would do us harm" 
George Orwell