Submissions for the 15th website


Articles - Old news articles are continually added to the 15th website. We welcome any articles of interest concerning artillery, the 'Fighting Fifteenth' or the Vietnam War. Articles from newspapers, military publications, and other sources will be considered for use. Contact the webmaster for details on how to send your scanned document or photocopies. 

Documents - Add to our collection of historic documents such as military cards and documents, propaganda leaflets, flyers and official notices. Contact the webmaster for details on how to send your scanned document or photocopies.

Photos - We are especially interested in photos of locations and equipment of the 15th Field Artillery (all wars and eras), other locations and equipment in the Vietnam war zone, and all artillery photos. 
Photos should be scanned into .jpg or .gif format. Each photo should be good resolution (300 dpi) and around 100K in size. These photos should be attached to an email to the webmaster that includes details for each photo: What - Where - When - Unit. Also include your name as you want it to appear in the photo credit. You must currently hold the copyright for any photos you submit. Email with any questions you might have. 
Photo summary:
   1) Subjects: 15th FA of all eras, Vietnam war zone, any artillery photos
   2) Format: .jpg or .gif 
   3) Size: 100K per photo (300 dpi resolution) 
   4) Text: What, where, when, unit, your name (for each photo) 
   5) Send: photos attached to an email to the webmaster 
   6) Suggestion: send 10 of your best photos of places or 
        things that don't already appear on the 15th web site 

Stories - For our "Veterans Voices" web page we are seeking personal accounts written by 15th Field Artillery veterans or other artillerymen. Please submit your story (in the body of an email) to the webmaster

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