Fifteenth Salute

Written by: Daniel J. McStay
14 February 1970

Born in the Summer of Seventeen, received her baptism of fire in World War One.  Her guns rained destruction on the Hun at the Marne, St. Mihel, and the bloody Meuse Argonne.

The Fifteenth was again in the thick of battle in World War Two.  Her mettle was tested at Normandy, the Rhineland, and the Ardennes.  Her honor and her glory grew.

Steeled in the freezing hell of Korean winters, through ten campaigns she fought to bring peace.

Now, in the heat, the mud, and the blood of Vietnam, her colors proudly fly.  Twenty-eight hard-won battle streamers adorn her staff.  Her guns once again sound their roar in helping to free people from the yoke of oppression.

We salute the Fighting Fifteenth.     
We serve her with honor and pride.

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