Frank Baker's Photos
of 'A' Battery, 7th Battalion,
15th Field Artillery in Vietnam

Frank Baker in Vietnam

Many thanks to Frank Baker (above) for sending
a wide variety of photos from 1967-1968 of
LZ Pony, the An Lao Valley and more!
Also, thanks to Dan Gillotti for relaying
them to the 15th webmaster on a CD.

Mascot at Vietnam reception center
Mascot at the reception
center when I got in

Dump burning
Dump burning



Tank position
Tank position

Commo hooch at LZ Pony
Commo hooch at LZ Pony
with gun positions above


Looking out over the countryside
Taken from LZ
English I think

Building the commo Hooch
Building the Commo



Section 1 Gun "On the Way"
Section 1 Gun
"On the Way"




I was trying to catch
the projo coming out
of the tube

175mm gun firing
Weldon Jenkins &
Section 3 gun,


Guard duty on perimeter
Guard duty on
the perimeter

Captured VC infiltrator
Captured VC infiltrator. He was hung upside down in the latrine in the rear of the picture after these Pics were taken. I didn't hang around to find out his fate. More like I didn't want to know.

Twin 40mm on the road to Pleiku
Twin 40mm on the
road to Pleiku

Frank Baker
Frank Baker  


Machine gun pit
Machine gun pit at
SF base LZ Pony -  
.30 caliber WWII
issue gun

80mm mortar pit
81mm mortar pit
being built at SF/
CIDG camp LZ Pony


Looking south from LZ Pony

LZ Pony

Looking south from top
of SF/CIDG camp on Pony.
GI (someone put a name to
him??) takin a break.


On the highway by the
front gate coming into


175mm gun "BOOM BOOM NO 1"
Section 4 Gun, 
at Pony

An Lao Valley
A plantation or monastery
at the beginning of the An
Lao Valley. Really nice if it
hadn't been all shot up.

Ornate structure
Picture of the top
of the structure shown
in the photo above

An Lao plantation house
On the veranda with
SF/CIDG patrol. Sgt Mike
Fritsch on the Prick 25


Looking toward LZ Pony
Looking back towards
LZ Pony

Lookout post in the An Lao
Lookout post over
looking the An Lao

Sgt Fritch and CIDG's
Sgt Fritch and CIDG's

Sgt Fritch and CIDG


Gun pits at LZ Pony
'A' Btry Gun pits
at LZ English

Frank Baker
Frank Baker and CIDG


Load'em Jo
Fire mission
"Load'en Jo"

Rammin "Jo"
Rammin "Jo"
This gun had a worn out
ramming chain and would
Jack Knife if pushed too hard.
Slowed the fire rate way down

Pushing up berms for gun pits
Pushing up berms
for pits

Mess Hall at Pony
Mess Hall at Pony


Army Jeep
Army Jeep

LZ Pony
More construction 
at Pony: Always building something or filling sandbags.


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