The Highlander Newsletter   

THE HIGHLANDER newsletter is celebrating its thirteenth year of publication by the 7th Battalion, 15th Artillery Organization. Our newsletter is also celebrating its fourth editor, Luis Cantu, a former Vietnam redleg still dedicated to artillery and the Fighting Fifteenth. 

2003 marks another new beginning, as we begin publishing THE HIGHLANDER online. The format will be a little bit different than the printed version, but the substance will be the same. As more 15th members gain internet access and read THE HIGHLANDER online, our organization can begin to reduce mailing and printing costs, saving us substantial amounts of money. 

If you have been receiving THE HIGHLANDER in the mail, but are now able to read it online, please let Davo Holdorf and Luis Cantu know so you can be removed from the mailing list. [contact page]

   the 15th webmaster