Hosted by Bob & Susan Donnan
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

 24 people from 11 states 

The first reunion of the 
7th Battalion, 15th Field Artillery
since the Vietnam War

August 1992

Pittsburgh, PA - Twenty years after his tour in Vietnam, Bob began locating the men he served with in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

One year later, the first reunion of the former heavy artillery battalion was held along the banks of the Monongahela River, during Pittsburgh's annual 'Three Rivers Regatta.'

Below are some photos of the sights and scenes of the first reunion, including the Sheraton Station Square reunion hotel, seen in the photo below (the tan colored building in the lower right corner - above the photo date: "92  8  8").  Pittsburgh's 'Golden Triangle' is seen across the Monongahela River from the hotel.

1992 Reunion hotel in lower right corner, Pittsburgh skyline
(Above) To the left center of photo is the confluence of the three rivers - the Monongahela River (foreground) and the Allegheny River (behind the city skyline) join to create the Ohio River.  The round stadium (center left) is the former 'Three Rivers Stadium.'

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"First wives"

"First Wives"
7/15th veterans' wives who attended the first reunion of their husband's Vietnam heavy artillery battalion.


First reunion group of the 7/15th

Mt. Washington overlook
7/15th veterans gather for a group photo. The Sunday morning memorial service was held on this platform overlooking Pittsburgh.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jenkins came all the way from Georgia for Reunion '92. Larry started gathering a list of 7/15th veterans' addresses in the 1980's and combined his list with Bob's prior to Reunion '92.


Suzy and Tom Griffin

Suzy and Tom Griffin drove from Ohio for their first 7/15th reunion. Tom was B Battery's Assistant Chief of Smoke in 1968-69.


Suzy and Bob -- Hosts of Reunion '92

Susan and Bob hosted the first reunion of the 7/15th at the Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh, PA, along the Monongahela River. The hotel was headquarters for the 7/15th reunion and the Three Rivers Regatta, a popular summer event in Pittsburgh.

Tom and Grace Hazzard came in on the train for Reunion '92


Grace and Tom Hazzard 'rode the rails' around part of the country, making their final stop in Pittsburgh before returning to the Twin Cities in Minnesota.  

Start of the Formula One boat race on the Allegheny River

Formula One Grand Prix
Tunnel boats are lined up for the start of the IOGP race on the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh.


Formula One boats cross the Allegheny River to begin their 50-lap final race. This is the most popular event of the Pittsburgh Regatta every summer.

15th vets in the Regatta crowd

Amos Mitchell and his wife join Larry Jenkins and others at riverside for the Regatta festivities on Saturday afternoon of the 1992 reunion.

Inside of the Pittsburgh Vietnam Veteran's Memorial

Along the Allegheny River is the Pittsburgh Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. Statues inside the memorial represent families being reunited after the war.

Two football greats!

Two football legends:
Art Rooney (left)
Steelers owner during 4 Super Bowls
Paul Hunter (right)
Seahawks booster

Reunion '92 dinner

The group enjoys Saturday night dinner together.
Is that the "Mayor of Mudville" (Bobby Blair)
second one down on the right?

Getting ready for the comedy show at the 'Funny Bone'

Following Saturday's dinner together, the group attended a comedy show at the 'Funny Bone" Comedy Club in the mall next to the reunion hotel.


Saturday morning brunch
John Caldwell (white shirt), Mr. & Mrs. Larry Jenkins, Mr. & Mrs. Amos Mitchell (backs to camera)

Ray and Ellie enjoying the fare

Ray and Ellie Tingstrom enjoy the company and the Sheraton Brunch. They brought their son along, all the way from Colorado.



Susan & Bob Donnan (left) Reunion '92 hosts, join Mr. & Mrs. Omer Long of Illinois.  Omer helped the battalion 'shoot straight' while serving in HHB Survey Section.


Did I ever tell you the story about my Playboy bunny?

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Boggs return to Pittsburgh for Reunion '92.  Jack spent time in the area before, once with the Nike missile site and another time with the ROTC program at W&J College in Washington, PA. Welcome home Jack!



Ray & Ellie Tingstrom, Bobby (hat) & Wendy Blair, Grace & Tom Hazzard (back to camera). Bobby Blair served in Survey Section and the Battalion Mail Room, using the later as the impetus for a career with the US Postal Service.


Saying goodbyes on Sunday

Saying their goodbyes after a great weekend were (L to R):
Donnan, Teany, Hazzard, Blair, and Rothrock. These five served together in HHB during 1971 on Artillery Hill.


Dedication plaque on the
Pittsburgh Vietnam Memorial

Welcome Home

Welcome home to proud men and women

We begin now to fulfill promises
To remember the past
To look to the future

We begin now to complete the final process
Not to make political statements
Not to offer explanations
Not to debate realities

Monuments are erected so that the future
might remember the past

Warriors die and live and die

Let the Historians answer the political questions

Those who served -- served
Those who gave all -- live in our hearts
Those who are left -- continue to give

As long as we remember --    

There is still some love left.

                         T.J. McGarvey

Pittsburgh Vietnam Memorial

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