Hosted by Chuck & Susie Alexander
Louisville, Kentucky

 84 people from 20 states 

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Most of the reunion group in a photo formation in front of the hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.  Anyone got a better photo of the entire group?


Part of the 1995 reunion group in front of the hotel sign

(L to R) Eddy Lewis, Chuck Alexander, Ray Tingstrom, Norm Forsythe, John Ferguson, ____, Phil Maughan, and Paul Hunter.


Norm Forsythe and Bob Hankins

Reunion '95 host Norm Forsythe (left) and former battalion commander Robert Hankins (right). These men were in the 7/15 landing party 31 years earlier. (See photo below)


7/15th landing in Vietnam - 1967

1 July 1967 - LTC Robert Hankins leads the 7th Battalion, 15th Field Artillery ashore at Qui Nhon, RVN.  Norm Forsythe is carrying the American flag.


Norm sharing a light moment with the troops

(L to R) Norm Forsythe with his arm around Larry Howard, and shaking hands with ____ and ____.


The Davo Award!

Davo receiving an award for his hard work locating 15th veterans and as editor of The Highlander.  Good work Davo!


Award for Chuck

Chuck Alexander receiving a well-earned award for doing such a great job hosting Reunion '98 along with his wife Susie. 


Paul and Birgit Hunter

Paul and Birgit Hunter took some time from sailing the seven seas to attend Reunion '98. Captain Hunter moors his boat along the coast of Washington state.


We should do this more often!

(L to R) _____, Norm Forsythe, Larry Howard and Dave 'Davo' Holdorf spend some time together in the meeting room. Davo was instrumental in increasing the attendance at this reunion and the next reunion. Kudos Davo!


That fish must have been this long!

Fellow redlegs look on as Norm tells one of his big fish stories.
"That fish had to be at least this long!"


Swapping war stories. Dennis in the background with his computer scanning photos.

_____ and Carlton Bates reminisce about their days back in the red dust of the Central Highlands in Vietnam.


All smiles

Dale Burkett takes in all the sights and sounds of Reunion '98.  Great t-shirt!


Group get together

_____ and _____ check out the proceedings with a distracted Paul Battaglia of Arizona. Paul, who is a member of Point Man Ministries, conducted the Sunday morning Memorial Service.


Who said something about a fire mission?

_____ joins Paul Battaglia and Bill Goombi (right). Bill was an integral part of B Battery in 1969, and traveled from Oklahoma to see his old friends from B Battery.


Sharing a smoke at Reunion '98

Walter Proctor and his wife have a smoke while taking in all the goings on.


Norm and John show their teeth for the camera

"Big Daddy" throws an arm around his old buddy John Ferguson. John served in Battalion FDC in 1967 & 1968, and came up from Florida to take part in the Kentucky reunion.


This is really a great photo album

(L to R) _____ and _____ join Ken Suhler and Birgit Hunter in the main meeting room.


Norm showing his locations during the Korean War

Norm Forsythe is describing his duty stations and the flow of battle in the Korean War to Bob Donnan and John Caldwell at the Ft Knox Museum. Norm served in WW2, the Korean War, and 3 tours in Vietnam.



Hotel lobby photo on Sunday just before heading home. (L to R): John Ferguson, Larry Howard, Dan Gillotti, Norm Barnes, Gen. Hankins


If anyone can help us with any of the missing names please contact us.  Thanks! 


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