15th Field Artillery Regiment


1st Battalion, 15th Field Artillery
The "First to Fire" Battalion

Camp Casey, Korea

The 1/15th Field Artillery (FA) is the most forward deployed Direct Support Cannon Battalion in the United States Army. The 1/15th FA stands ready at all times to defend the Republic of Korea with deadly rains of 155mm "steel on target" should the communist North attempt to strike South.

Alpha Battery 2d Platoon

It is the 1/15th's heritage to defend with their lives, in a foreign nation, a principle that all Americans hold dear -- Freedom for all!  They train on the land they will fight on and are always prepared to put their training to use.

The 1/15th is the Guns Battalion, and their mark on any battle will be made with accurate and rapid strikes of massive volleys of deadly munitions!  With their determination and constant vigilance, they are certain to be the "First to Fire!"

1-15 FA gun line in the motor pool
Red muzzle cover is best section in battalion, 
Charlie Battery 3d Section -


1/15th FA Mission
1st Battalion, 15th Field Artillery stands ready, as the most forward deployed Direct Support Cannon Battalion in the United States Army, to conduct counterfire and deep operations in defense of the Republic of Korea.   

1-15 FA

HHB 'Havoc'
A Battery 'Gators'
B Battery 'Bulldogs'
C Battery 'Cobras'
SVC Battery 'Nighthawk'

In order to execute that mission, the "First to Fire" Battalion employs three 155mm Paladin Batteries, a Service Battery, and a Headquarters Battery. These units are manned by highly trained and focused U.S. and Korean Augmentee to the U.S. Army (KATUSA) soldiers who support the Warrior Division.


Battalion Commander 
LTC David M. Hamilton

1-15 FA Photos

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